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Let me ask you a question. Do you guys think that wheat bread is better than white bread? People ask me all the time, and we are going to find out the answer today.
When you compare ingredients, it is almost the same, except whole wheat bread flour includes bran, germ, and endosperm where white flour contains only endosperm. Wheat bran provides fiber, and wheat germ contains fiber, minerals, and vitamins. Endosperm is basically starch. One thing you need to know is that white bread contains the same amount of vitamins and minerals with wheat bread, but they are from enriched wheat flour, meaning they are synthetic. Studies show synthetic vitamins and minerals are not as bioavailable meaning your body doesn’t absolve them too well.
So real whole wheat bread is made from whole wheat flour. White bread is made from enriched wheat flour which they strip all the vitamins and minerals, bleached it and add synthetic nutrients to get a smooth and palatable taste.
From this stand point of view, wheat bread is a better choice. But then if you look at fiber content, whole wheat bread has little more fiber, like a gram or 2g / slice. If you add a slice of avocado and boom 10 grams of fiber right there.
Both wheat and white bread contain gluten. That is another issue for some people. I personally try to avoid gluten as much as possible. I know some of you guys think gluten allergy and sensitivities are not real. I am telling you if you stop eating gluten for 30 days, you will know what I am talking about. I used to feel the same,
after cutting out gluten for a month I ate a plate of pasta, I felt so sick and almost felt like I was drunk. I believe that so many people have gluten sensitivities and allergy, feeling tired, achy and bloated, but they just don’t know about it.
I highly recommend to stop eating gluten and see how you feel.
I am not going to talk about gluten too much today. But
If you have to eat bread, you could try gluten free bread. Udi and Kinnikinnick Foods and many other companies make tasty and healthier bread. But remember gluten free does not mean healthier for you. Be aware of ingredients and be smart about it.
There is not much nutritional difference between white bread and wheat bread. But if you are going to eat bread, make sure to check ingredients. Whole wheat flour should be the first one on the list. Avoid ones with enriched wheat flour.
You could also try gluten free bread.
So next time when you go to the supermarket,
remember to check the nutrition facts and ingredients. Otherwise, Just Eat Real Food, remember JERF. Unprocessed real foods are always the best choice than processed foods. Here is the thing. Yes, white or wheat, it doesn’t make that much difference. But we live longer life till like 70,80,90 years old. That is a long time. A Little bit of processed foods every day adds up. That I want you to think about that.

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