Have you eaten your kids’ left over? Like Pizza, Mac and cheese, chicken fingers, french fries. Cake? I certainly have. It actually happened to me today. My daughter wanted to eat egg salad sandwich. So I made it for her. Of course she didn’t eat the crust. I automatically picked it up and tried to eat it. But I realized the crust is not what I need to eat. So I dumbed them in the trashcan.

As human being, we are programed to eat sweet and fatty food. Back then when we were hunters and gatherers by the way at least 90 percent of human history, they had no idea when next meal could be. There were no scheduled 6 small meals and snacks. So when they caught their food, they got to eat. And sweet stuff wasn’t available all year around; they only got to eat certain period of time. Now we have food 24/7 especially in this country, we are so fortunate that most of us don’t have to worry about food. But as human, we still have same DNA, our gene makes want to eat food naturally. we haven’t changed that much.

Another thing, many moms probably hate to waste food. Throwing away all the food kids didn’t eat makes me feel guilty. To save our planet, we eat left over right? We don’t through way food in the trashcan, but we dumb food in our body. We don’t need to eat left over kids’ birthday cake from Costco. We don’t need to eat left over cold, soggy grilled cheese sandwich. Just dump them in the trash.

You are not doing any good dumping them in your body.

So next time, you have an opportunity to eat kids’ left over, I want you think, if you need to eat it.

If you decided to make it as your dinner, please do it and don’t make big deal out of it. And if you already ate your meal and you are full, they are going straight to trash can, not to you.