Are you constantly surrounded by temptation? Do you have hard time to say no to cookies that your coworkers offer you, or to the huge box of chocolates from your husband or boyfriend? The diet is hard enough without high sugar and super processed foods being offered to you everyday, how can you stick to your healthy diet?

WebMD experts offer five simple strategies to help you stick to a healthy eating plan (even when you’re surrounded by non-dieting friends and loved ones).

  1. Make a Statement. It’s up to you to make your feelings known. Directly ask your loved ones not to offer you food as gifts or eat in front of you. No matter how strong you are, you can’t stare fattening foods in the face every day without your willpower breaking down. Also you don’t want to keep telling them no thank you all the time. Seriously tell them how important for you to eat healthy. You don’t have to tell them to stop eating but just not in front of you if they can. Ask them to join you. You never know.
  1. Keep Temptation Out of your sight, out of your mind. If you don’t buy the things you want to avoid eating, don’t bring them home. I still do it sometimes that I would buy the snacks that I love, but trying to avoid to eat, and tell myself that “ It’s for my kids” I am totally fooling myself! You don’t want to feed your kids junk food anyways, try to get something better for your family. For example, apple and peanuts butter, yogurt with honey and fruits, homemade baked sweet potato chips, nuts and fruits
  2. Learn the Art of Substitution. Give yourself a tasty treat by preparing a little healthier version of foods that you love. Be creative and you’ll find that watching others eat the goodies won’t be so hard. I like to drink “hot chocolate” at night. I use cacao powder, stevia, almond milk, collagen powder. It’s my anti aging- sleep aid drink. Cacao is high in magnesium, which helps me to sleep, and collagen powder keeps my joints and skin young. Another thing I found when I want something to munch on, instead of popcorn or chips, I cut celeries and radish in small pieces and eat them like popcorn. OF course it’s not the same but crunchiness works for me. Try it.
  3.  Share the Health. Make the foods that everyone craves in a more healthful way. Use yogurt in place of store bought mayonnaise, use olive oil instead of vegetable oil such as corn, canola and soy. Creating a shopping list will also help. Choose organic chicken instead of factory chicken, wild caught fish instead of farm raised fish. You will be helping everyone.
  1. Be Reassuring. Even when they say you are perfect the way you are, reassure your partner that your weight loss goals are driven by health, not only vanity, and that losing extra pounds will help ensure a better future for both of you and boost your confidence. And make sure to let him know that you will look good in naked!

Today’s lesson.

When are you going to tell your partner, friends and coworkers that you are serious about loosing weight? Set a date and start planning. They might want to join you and that is even better.

Follow these five easy steps and you won’t fall off the wagon, you are the wagon yourself.

That’s it for now.

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